For over 30 years, Accucare Nursing & Home Care has cared for medically fragile children throughout the entire lower Hudson Valley.  We continue to support activities and organizations that will enhance the lives of children who have medical complexities. We believe it’s one more way we’re able to serve the children we care for.

Accucare understands the importance of accessible and inclusive play for all children and we’ve been proud to sponsor an organization focused on that mission, Warwick Playground Dreams.

Warwick Playground Dreams is a non-profit organization made up of a committee of volunteers from all across the town of Warwick who want to rejuvenate the playground in Stanley-Deming Park. Their goal is to bring a community-designed, community-built ADA-accessible playground. The playground will be designed to ensure that children of all abilities will have access to playground components that will allow them to play together in a safe and inclusive environment. It will foster children’s creative spirit and encourage free play which is necessary for both physical and cognitive development. We are honored to sponsor and support an organization that will enhance the lives of so many children, not only in the town of Warwick but all of its surrounding communities. For more information on Warwick Playground Dreams, you can visit