Welcome to Accucare Nursing & Home Care. We are excited to have you part of our team! Below you will find links to important onboarding documents.

All documents must be filled out prior to working for Accucare Nursing & Home Care.
Step 1: Online Application
Step 2: Annual Self Assessment (this is an assessment of your own health/ no Dr. required)
Step 3:
Sexual Harassment Prevention Test
Training Test
Step 4:
Orientation Verification
Step 5: LPN Payroll Packet  or RN Payroll Packet
Step 6: Skills Checklist

Step 7: Documents & Credentials needed: (please email to Adrienne@accucarenursing.com, text to 845-239-0249 or fax to 845-624-0264, att: HR).
Nursing License
Drivers License, Social Security Card or Passport (two forms of ID)
CPR Card
MMR or Titres
HEP B or declination
PPD (within the last year)
Physical (within the last two years)
Flu vaccination proof